XieDao Resort

2019-04-24 08:58:20 6

The environment of the resort is elegant, the air is fresh and the equipment is complete. The layout of the front shop and back garden is unique. The whole park is divided into four parts: planting park, breeding park, science and Technology Park and Tourism Resort park, to maximize the convenience of your tourism. Unique City seascape water park, unique bridge, idyllic farmyard, modern luxury facilities of the hot spring swimming pool, rich and colorful sports palace, bowling, billiards, table tennis, gymnasium, video game samples, as well as the emerging Japanese computer-controlled "Feibao Sports Camp". Four seasons such as spring coffee shop, spacious and bright indoor fishing pool, quite simple farmhouse style of cock fighting and goat competition, touching the heartstrings of the splendid performance; when you appreciate these unique activities, you can enter the spacious and bright "open restaurant", first pull donkeys, push and roll, and then enjoy modern tastes of farm food.