Crab Island Introduction

The Crab Island Green Eco Resort covers an area of 3,300 acres and integrates planting, breeding, tourism, vacation, leisure and ecological agriculture. The resort is characterized by the production and marketing of "green food". With the catering, entertainment and fitness as the carrier, the hotel aims to enjoy the fresh and natural life and the high quality life away from pollution. The resort is a key demonstration unit for promoting the adjustment of agricultural industrialization structure in Chaoyang District of Beijing, and is also the Beijing Green Ecological Park Base designated by the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences.

    The resort has an elegant environment, fresh air and complete facilities. The layout of the “front store and back garden” is unique. The whole park is divided into four blocks: planting park, breeding park, science park and tourist resort park, which is convenient for your sightseeing. There is a unique urban seascape water park, unique special bridge, rustic farmhouse, hot spring swimming pool with modern luxury facilities, colorful wellness palace, bowling, billiards, table tennis, gym, video games. It is full, and there is a new Japanese-style computer-controlled "Feibo Sports Camp".

    Four seasons like spring cafes, spacious and bright indoor fishing pools, cockerel competitions with a simple farmhouse atmosphere, and exciting performances that touch the heart; you can step into the spacious and bright "opening house" after you have experienced these unique activities. First, pull a small squat, push the roller, and then enjoy the modern taste of the farmhouse food.

    Based on the principle of people-oriented, the resort makes rational use of water resources and various biological resources, and has built a rational circulation system of water resources and a three-dimensional agricultural model combining planting, breeding, biogas and processing industries. The crab island planting area has nearly 1,000 mu of paddy fields and More than 50 vegetables are harvested in greenhouses. More than 80 kinds of vegetables, melons and beans in the shed are used for tourists to pick and eat in restaurants. The rice, vegetables and fruits produced are pollution-free, pollution-free and natural green foods. Eat and rest assured; more than 20 kinds of poultry and livestock animals raised in the breeding area are used by tourists in the park. Grass feed and rice bran feeding are used to ensure the quality of meat, eggs and milk.

    In addition, the "Pet Park" will make you feel like a pet. There are 70 different kinds of rooms in Crab Island, which can accommodate 170 people at the same time. There are three types: single room, standard room and suite.

    In addition, the modern farmhouse courtyard can accommodate 6-12 people. The lead-gray courtyard wall gives a sense of simplicity and weight; the red lanterns, golden corn cobs and dried chili peppers hanging from the eaves are full of Nongyun; outdoor with a variety of "rare" agricultural tools, such as lanterns, anvils, grinding discs; a variety of evergreen plants and colorful flowers to bring you to the spring, to enjoy the comfort of home.

    In addition, the size of the conference room for group activities is an ideal place for you to discuss and decide on major events. The Crab Island Alpine Ski Center project with the German Alps Ski Club was officially launched in September 2001. The ski resort plans to invest 200 million yuan, covering an area of 150 acres and a building area of 53,500 square meters. The ski pavilion is scheduled to be completed in 2003 and will be the largest indoor ski pavilion in China and Asia.

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